We carry a massive supply of all your reptile needs in both our store and online. Here is a list of what we have in stock for you and your reptile.

Terrarium Decor

  • Bedding & Substrates
  • Food & Water Dishes
  • Grapevine Branches & Manzanita
  • Hides
  • Plastic Plants

Heating & Lighting

  • Heat Bulbs & Night Bulbs
  • Heat Pads
  • Light Fixtures
  • Thermometers, Thermostats and Rheostats
  • UVB Bulbs

Kritter & Cricket Keepers


  • Chameleon Cages
  • ExoTerra Terrariums
  • Glass Terrariums

Vitamins, Minerals and Gutloads

  • Rep Cal
  • Repashy
  • Cricket Crack

You can see detailed descriptions of all our products at our ONLINE STORE.