Feeder Rodents

You Need Rats, We Have Solutions! Every size needed, Live and Frozen!

All feeder mice and rats are raised  humanely.  They are fed a specially formulated diet of nutritionally balanced mouse or rat chow, blended with a mixture of natural whole grains and seeds. It  is reflected in the health and appearance of our rodents thus contributing to the improved health of your reptiles.

Feeder Rodent Prices

Feeder Mice

  • Pinky $1.35
  • Fuzzy $1.35
  • Hopper $1.35
  • Mice $1.39
  • Monster Mice $ 1.50
  • All frozen Mice are .10 cents more and available in any quantity.    

    Feeder Rats

  • Rat Pup $2.00
  • Small Rat $2.90
  • Medium Rat $4.50
  • Large Rat $6.00
  • Jumbo Rat $7.50
  • All frozen rats are . 10 cents more and available in any quantity.

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