ExoTerra Terrariums

glass-24x36The Exo Terra Habitat is the ideal set-up for the beginner herpetoculturist! Terrariums come with all of the components necessary to give your terrarium hobby a successful start including the Exo Terra Glass Terrarium, designed by European herpetologists. An instruction manual is included to guide you through the process of installation of decoration and maintenance of the Exo Terra Terrarium. Smaller sizes are ideal for small species of snakes, frogs, lizards and geckos.
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Chameleon Cages

24-24-36Chameleons require an enclosure with at least two side of screen paneling. We offer All Screen Terrariums available in multipe sizes for every stage of your chameleons live.
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Glass Terrariums

24x12x16We work closely with the company that makes all our glass terraruims.  If you don’t see what your looking for feel free to call us for a quote.  Custom cages can always be built to your specifications!
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